Buying Guide for Prohormones

ProhormonesProhormones are known to be a better and safer alternative to steroids. They are not banned, they do not cause harmful side effects when used properly, they do not bring your testosterone to frighteningly high levels, and they still bring the expected results of improving strength, building muscles, and shortening recovery time. This does not mean, though, that anyone should start taking these supplements. To know if you are ready for a cycle of prohormone, you can ask yourself the following questions.

Are you over 21 years of age?

Men below 21 years old normally have high levels of testosterone in their body, so there really is no need to supplement for the purpose of increasing it.

Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular training and healthy diet?

There is no use taking prohormones if you are going to stop lifting weights once you start the cycle. Your muscles will not grow nor your strength improve magically just by popping these supplements every day. In fact, you must be more serious about your training and ensure that you are eating the right foods.

Do you have an existing liver problem?

Prohormone supplements can stress your liver, so it will just aggravate your situation if you already have a liver problem. To be sure, consult with your physician so that he can check you up and give you a go signal.

Are you willing to seriously adhere to the cycle instructions and meet its demands?

Those taking prohormones are advised to stop drinking alcohol while on a cycle. They should also take other supplements that will prevent the manifestation of side effects, like estrogen-related side effects. Furthermore, you must ensure that you do not take this supplement longer than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Disregarding these instructions can harm your body, hence, a strict discipline is necessary to those who want to use this supplement.

prohormone supplementsIf your answers to the questions above prove that you are ready to use prohormone supplements, then it is time to shop for your first bottle. You will realize that there are several types and brands of PH supplement. Each has a different formulation, so you will notice that the recommended dosage also varies. As a rule, the safest route is to find a mild prohormone for your first cycle. Start with the lowest recommended dosage and slowly increase to the maximum dosage allowed. If you do not see any positive results or very minimal improvement after a cycle, do not fret. This is highly possible because the effects of prohormone supplements partly depend on the amount of enzymes in your body that are necessary to the conversion of this precursor molecule into testosterone. The formulation plays a role too, so you may want to switch to a different brand on your next cycle.

When buying online, find a brand that is made by a reputable company. You will be ingesting this, therefore, knowing that it is manufactured in a hygienic facility using a formulation that was extensively researched by professionals will put your mind at ease. Good companies also ensure that they keep their good name, so you can expect better quality products from them. Next, remember to ask the seller when the expiration of the product is and if he offers a guarantee in case the batch that you received is expired, defective, or entirely wrong. Reading reviews about the seller and the manufacturer will save you from a lot of trouble later on. Therefore, stick to those that have kept their past customers highly satisfied.

When you have found the right brand of prohormones and a reliable seller, just place your order and be ready to start your cycle. If you strictly follow the instructions and have chosen the brand that works well with your body, you will soon be seeing the muscle gains and better strength that you have aimed for.